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How to Achieve Hailey Bieber’s Famous “Glazed Donut” Skin

How to Achieve Hailey Bieber’s Famous “Glazed Donut” Skin

Here’s How to Achieve Hailey Bieber’s Famous “Glazed Donut” Skin

“My standard when I go to bed at night is that if I’m not getting into bed looking like a glazed donut, then I’m not doing the right thing,” said Bieber. 

And just like that…✨Glazed donut skin✨ entered the chat. Thanks to Bieber, glazed skin exploded in popularity and is here to stay.

Glazed donut skin is exactly what it sounds like. It involves moisturizing the skin before bed so that when you wake up, your face is glistening (but not greasy!) and glowing (but not tight or shiny!) 

Hailey Bieber’s skin routine follows a tried-and-true formula: she double cleanses, applies a serum to damp skin, and follows with an hydrating moisturizer. For extra glaze and luminosity, she’ll apply a face oil. 

Start with KLAIRS GENTLE BLACK DEEP CLEANSING OIL. It’s an Effective first step cleanser with hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin that maintains the skin's moisture while effectively removing dirt, makeup, and impurities. 

Follow up with BEPLAIN GREENFUL PH-BALANCED CLEANSING FOAM. Its a gentle pH-balanced cleanser that uses 33% mung bean extract and green tea powder to cleanse and unclog your pores, without stripping your skin of moisture.

Next Apply ONE THING HYALURONIC ACID COMPLEX on damp skin. An essence formula with optimal concentration of low and high weighted hyaluronic acid molecules to hydrate and restore the skin's moisture balance. 

And now for the glaze and luminosity generously apply KLAIRS FRESHLY JUICED VITAMIN E MASK. It is a multi-functional product that can be used as a mask, sleeping pack or daily moisturizer. It can be used during the day to protect the skin from UV damage and at night for anti-aging benefits of wrinkle improvement and skin regeneration. It is fortified with the antioxidant power of vitamin E to brighten, improve wrinkles and prevent signs of aging. 

Last but not the least, Get your Beauty Sleep and wake up with that GLOW.

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