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Women in Business: Interview with JINITA SHETH

Women in Business: Interview with JINITA SHETH

Influencer, Entrepreneur and a creative director of her own fashion label Jenn. She is known for her sense of aesthetics and modern style. Here she talks about her likes & values.

- Your life’s motto

Evolve, learn and turn into a better version of yourself.

- What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Beauty with brains. Queen of execution.

- Designer  that you look up to

Orseround Iris. I admire architects & light architecture

- What inspired you to create your own fashion label

To start a community for women, to support them and grow with them.

- How would you define Jenn Woman

A white wave

- Tips on creating that perfect wardrobe

Nuetral color set with a simple scarf and bag. Simple yet chic.

- Which women inspire you 

I’d say Halle Berry, Nancy Pelosi, Tulsi Gabard, Penelope Cruz

- Your favourite workout (referring to your fitness page)

Full body workout with weights 

- What’s a cause that is important to you?

Women education

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