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Aminu AHA FACE WASH Brightening + exfoliating cleanser! - 100ml

This unique AHA face wash contains five natural AHAs, which help treat rough skin and uneven tone leaving skin with a smooth and radiant appearance. A patented complex of natural sugars derivatives that hydrates and maximize water circulation within the epidermis. A brightening blend of antioxidants, unique botanicals, and mild resurfacing ingredients, delicately lifts impurities while maintaining optimal moisture levels. 
AHA Face wash is ideal for skin with dark spots, discoloration, uneven skin tone and texture. Note that the AHA Face Wash is not designed for very sensitive or irritated skin due to the alpha hydroxy fruit acids - if you have this type of skin, then please use the cream cleanser. 

   • Gently exfoliates
   • Deeply cleans pores with every wash 
   • Brightens Skin 
   • Ensures balanced, refreshed, and radiant skin
   • Helps fade blemishes and reduce tanning