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Dromen & Co 3D Face Roller | 100% Natural

3D Facial Roller Massager

The 3D face roller is made from a new and greatly effective massaging technology. It has an ergonomic design created to provide a 360-degree massage targeting all the areas of the face. The 3D massage technology allows the roller’s head to protrude from the track an additional 5cm. Its advanced contouring technology can sculpt and lift the areas including face, collarbones and shoulder blades.

It is an amazing tool when it comes to relaxing muscles, relieving tension and tightening the skin. For faster results, you can use the facial roller on a daily basis.

3D Facial Roller Massager Benefits

  1. Can be used on the face, collarbones, and shoulder blades 
  2. Relaxes muscles
  3. Relieves tension
  4. Tightens and makes the skin firm
  5. Promotes blood circulation
  6. Gives 360-degree massage
  7. Sculpts and contours the face