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Meet Our Founder - Nelia Sawhniey

Meet Our Founder - Nelia Sawhniey

What moved you to create Beauty Story ?

“Ever since I moved to India, 

I’ve been amazed by its rich culture, traditions and ancient rituals. This is the place where I have learned about so many great secrets in Indian beauty that use the power of plants, herbal extracts, and plant-based oils that purify and nourish your outer body. Being inspired by this I've tried a lot of "natural" skincare and cosmetic products. But along the way, I have discovered that the term ''natural'' is unregulated, meaning that manufacturers can say what they want and fail to mention the toxins that are in the product instead. 

As a consumer myself, I felt the urge to look into the ingredients to check the quality of every product I buy, rather than relying on the name itself. This helped me to understand which chemicals are toxic to our health and which chemicals are required for the cosmetic product to actually work. 

We all strive for the best when it comes to our skin and health. But who has the time to check & research the ingredients of every product that claims to be natural or clean?  

This moved me to form Beauty Story – a platform that curates effective clean beauty products. We offer full transparency regarding the ingredients of every product we carry and select only the best. It goes without saying that greenwashing is a big “no” for us. We aim to help consumers make informed choices. Choices that are Simply Clean, Clean of parabens, phthalates and other potentially harmful ingredients.”


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